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Architecture / Installation

Re: Tiki 14.2 svn fatal error when trying to open tiki-admin.php?page=wiki

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Dear evliempt:

The first error is due to a regression bug in tiki 14.x. I'm in process of commiting a fix fort he next release of Tiki, but if you want to fix it yourself in your own tiki installation, replace the single quotes / apostrophes with double quotes in line 40 of:


where it says something like:

{button _icon_name='admin_wiki' _text='{tr}Pages{/tr}' class='btn btn-link' _script='tiki-listpages.php' _title='{tr}List wiki pages{/tr}'}

it should say something like:

{button _icon_name='admin_wiki' _text="{tr}Pages{/tr}" class='btn btn-link' _script='tiki-listpages.php' _title="{tr}List wiki pages{/tr}"}

There are many more files where this regression bug may have been introduced since Tiki12. If you see a similar error in other tpl files (regarding translated strings where you had a single quote in the translated text, then you need to replace the single quote with the double quote in the template yourself; or wait for the next release of Tiki where this issue should be fixed)

Cheers, and thanks for your import helping to detect this issue.

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