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Architecture / Installation

Theme... Link invisible

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It is a week i have changed theme and design of my tiki for tceti.css and adequat top, logo, etc...

Today i've tried to create a new image gallery. The link is nowhere to be found !

I check permissions and work on it an hour !
I thought i became crazy !

I suddenly saw my cursor changed to hand somewhere on the top of the page.

The link is there but white on white.

I have changed tiki/styles/tceti.css but it doesn't help... Where or how can i modify this theme ?

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hi yoni

I think you are on the right track with the tceti.css. I found several references to links being either "white" or "F5F5F5" (which is white)
Try a search for the above or for "links"
For sure these links are white, Links in modules, Links in buttons, LINKS TO DAYS IN THE CALENDAR
I have seen this often where a style will have incorrect link colour contrast!

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As the install procedure is capricious and my admin does it i didn't realize i havn't the permissions to change it.

It is done now so for the next version of tceti.css check the link color !