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Re: How to allow download of pictures from a tracker?


Hi Torsten:

I think that my knowlege of TW is not enough to follow your reasoning, :-)

I am not using a List but a Tracker as described at https://doc.tiki.org/PluginTracker

{TRACKER(trackerId="3" fields="42:46:36:31:32:49:37:47" showstatus="y" url="Open+Service+and+Maintenance+Requests")} Thanks! The service and maintenance request has been updated. {TRACKER}

where field 49 is the Files field.
Then if I go to the trackers field maintenance script, I clink on the field 49 and at Option for Files -> Display parameters I copied your parameters it does not work neither.

Should I set these parameters on the {TRACKER } plugin?

Also there's a Image Tracker Field https://doc.tiki.org/Image+Tracker+Field but the description found is not enough for me to understand how to use it.

BTW, I'm using TW 14.0, just in case it's needed.


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