Re: Wrong Cookie Name of Menus

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Thanks GriessbreiLP and Doug Higby:

Can you please post a bug report at the bug tracker?:

And create a show.tiki.org demo instance to reproduce the issues there (whichever ones you are not able to fix)
For structures, you can easily recreate a basic setup in the show.tiki.org instance by means of applying the "Structured Master Documents" profile (from the profiles Wizard), and tweak the site to have the module menu fed from that structure. (just a proposal). See:

And of course, if you know how to fix a bug, please go ahead, request commit access and commit it, for the sake of Tiki's health!
See: https://dev.tiki.org/Commit


Xavi (a big fan of structures in Tiki, and navigation menus based on structures and I agree that we need them as bug-free as possible!)

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