Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Real newbee question (CVS) and last stable version.

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What is CVS ?
Is it a kind of patch or correction for tiki ?
If yes, how to use it ?
Yes, i know nothing about it and i'm no Dev at all ! confused

I'm asking that because since i have update to 1.8 i got a lot of troubles.

I have updated to resolve some problemes (chat - java error on some client, ephemeride - corrected, games - the game is not displayed correctly, Home Page - not going where i ask for certain groups, etc).

Except ephemeride i can't tell things get better, worst, i got memory (my admin tried all that has been suggested here) troubles (files galleries) even when i click on forum link (last forum topics). This last thing worked fine on 1.7.5.

So, if i miss something about update and stable versions, i'll be glad to know what.question

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Try grabbing the 1.8.1 tarball from SourceForge, its much better and lots of bugfixes ReleaseProcess181 biggrin

CVS is a Code versioning system, allowing many developers to work on 1 project. HowToDev I think has details.

Let us know how you get on with 1.8.1 and btw 1.8.2 is just around the corner wink

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As i got only ftp access (and permissions are tricky), i ask my server admin to do the work each update...

You would understand that i can't ask him to do so every week ! :-D

1.8.1 is ok and it is a "best" guess or should i wait a few days ?

Thanks Damian to keep helping me ! confused