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Hi There!

I alone would keep Tiki alive if everyone else moved on to pastures new. Tiki is just totally amazing and I can only see it get better and better and faster and faster!

I use Tiki on my Apache 2 based webservers without any problems!
and we are PHP not perl so I dont see the problem there biggrin

At the end of the day its open source, you take it and mould it into something you want. If you want it that bad its up to you to be able to support it and maintain it away from us if needed. Espeically is the worse happened and you got hacked :-( Be aware we have fixed some vunerabilities in 1.8.2 but IMHO we have more to find and fix.

There is plenty of help here for free and irc.freenode.net/#tikiwiki is around for free help, but if you want some quality "paid" support to get the best answers fast take a look on FindTikiExpert page.

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