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Features / Usability

Re: Re: Slow ImageGallery

United Kingdom

> wickster:
> I'm storing in the DB...but I just found a fix.....there was a page that said to remove a line from show_image.php and it def made it faster......also...i tried to store in file structure at first...but it didn't work...said unable to upload eventhough the directory that i have it pointing to exists....oh well....at least it's working.....

At least its working !

> damian...while I'm at it...do you have any idea why the calendar will not display events in the month display.....for example...I have an event for tomorrow on the calendar...and if i am viewing it in week mode i can see it and it's great...but if i switch to month mode...which i prefer....I do not see a single event???

Not sure on this, but I'm about to get the calendar activated on damosoft.net so I'll report soon


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