Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Re : Tiki cannot find a database connection

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> Volterra:
> Hi Chealer9, Damian
> 1. MySQL looks to have privileges to the database, as correction:phpMyAdmin 2.2.4 connects and works with it fine.
> 2. database name does not contain any invalid characters.
> tiki/db/local.php created okay.
> tiki/tiki-install.php deleted.
> From tiki/tiki-admin.php:
> Warning: fopen(modules/cache//mod-assistant.tpl.en.cache): failed
> to open stream: Permission denied in .../www/tiki/tiki-modules.php
> on line 134
> ...etc...
> I have chmod 775
> tiki/modules/cache
> Issue remains.
> Is it the double-backslash before mod-assistant.tpl.en.cache ?
> Assistance appreciated.

This error message is because apache cannot write to that folder. I'll have a look at the attached txt file now and see what I can see

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