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Double Menu, All the Way

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Unfortunately, this is not as good as a double rainbow!

I have added a custom menu, but on a mobile device I have to open the application menu to reveal login, then another menu to reveal the options I have set.

Screenshot 20180221 091927

I clearly want to be able to have just the one menu. How should I go about fixing this? Can the application menu be hidden?



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If a menu is displayed via a module, you can hide it for any particular screen size by using a Bootstrap visibility class (https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/css/#responsive-utilities). For a menu module, you can input "hidden-sm" in the Containing class input under the Appearance tab on tiki-admin_modules.php, to hide the menu in small displays. To hide in both small and very small displays, input "hidden-xs hidden-sm".

You might also want to experiment with putting the login or other module in the pagetop module zone and making it visible only in small screens. (It can be put in the top or topbar module zone and made visible only in medium and larger screens.) This switching of module zone for the module can be helpful in avoiding the nested dropdown problem. The themes.tiki.org site uses this arrangement and I think it makes for a cleaner small-screen view.

-- Gary