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Architecture / Installation

Re: integrator errors

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Just commited the corrected integrator.php library to CVS.

if ($ord == 0)
            $query = "select max(`ord`) from `tiki_integrator_rules` where `repID`=?";
            $ord = $tikilib->getOne($query, array($repID)) + 1;
        if (strlen($ruleID) == 0 || $ruleID == 0) {
            $query = "insert into `tiki_integrator_rules`
            $qparms = array($repID, $ord, $srch, $repl, $type, $case, $rxmod, $en, $descr);
        } else {

            $query = "update `tiki_integrator_rules`
                      set `repID`=?,`ord`=?,`srch`=?,`repl`=?,`type`=?,`casesense`=?,
                      `rxmod`=?,`enabled`=?,`description`=? where `ruleID`=?";
            $qparms = array($repID, $ord, $srch, $repl, $type, $case, $rxmod, $en, $descr,(int) $ruleID);
        $result = $tikilib->query($query, $qparms);
        // Clear cached pages for this repository

is the corrected area in function add_replace_rule biggrin

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