Re: Change Flatly to yellow and black

Hi Gary,

Yes, I made a new CSS file at


Unfortunately, it does not seem to have any effect. I simply want heading text to be black and the navbar-default to be yellow, but can't seem to work out why the changes are not making it through.

The site, Geek.Zone, currently looks like this.

2018 02 22 15 05 05 Geek.Zone   Welcome

We want it to look like this.

2018 02 22 15 09 28 Geek.Zone   Welcome

Normally I would update the CSS on the server, as I have done here in Chrome, and that would be it, however, my tests have shown that my changes in flatly.css are not made available to the browser. Apologies for being such a tiki n00b but I'm a bit stumped!