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Configuring Membership Payments

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Hi everyone,

I appreciate that this has been asked before however, those threads appear to be a bit quiet. I also wanted to explain our specific requirements.

I am part of a charity called GeekZone, which helps to facilitate social networking, particularly within the geek communities. We have recently migrated to tiki due to the extensive set of features that it offers, however, I am still learning the ropes!

We would like to be able to offer the following types of GeekZone membership;

NameCost (£GBP)Abilities
Terageek1 per yearEvents, Forums, Voting
Astrogeek> 5 per month+ GeekZones (physical space)

We would also like to be able to use the "cookie permission" type banners to promote continuing support through the following process;

  • Terageek members should be encouraged to become Astrogeek members every month
  • Astrogeek members should be encouraged to donate a little more every month

We need to be able to accept PayPal, however, also accepting additional payment methods would be favourable.

Unfortunately, the documentation on this topic appears to be quite sparse and not very descriptive. What do I need to do in order to configure Tiki to operate as described above?



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Hello James,

This is doable on Tiki and I tested not so long ago the Paypal payment gateway and it is working just fine.

You should check the doc (search for tiki cart or member registration) and start to understand how it work.
Also on a __demo_ (not your production website) install and test the tiki cart profile.

It may be good enough for your case.

We would also like to be able to use the “cookie permission” type banners to promote continuing support through the following process;
Not sure I follow, but start with the above.


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By the "cookie permission type banners" I mean the banner that is displayed to ask for permission to use cookies. We want to be able to encourage members to support their GeekZone more and this seems like a moderately unobtrusive way to do so.

I have tried looking through the documentation but it appears to be a bit thin on the ground. I would be grateful if anyone could give it a bit more flesh!


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James, did you check : tiki-admin.php?page=login&highlight=cookie_consent_feature ?

Many options there...
But that’s already another subject. ;)

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Perhaps I am distracting from the issue. The main priority is getting membership management working. Once this is done, then we would like to look at encouraging member support.

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Would anyone be happy to set this up for us on a paid basis?

Bernard Sfez, Gary has suggested that this would be something you can help us with. What do you think? How much would you charge to get this set up?