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Re: Re: Periodic errors importing email into my forum...

United Kingdom

> wilodom:
> I was running tiki 1.7.1 and had very few problems inporting into my forums, but I did have troupble upgrading to 1.8.2, so I installed a new tiki 1.8.2 w/ a new database, and now I cannot get any of my forums to import email. I get the same error, and it brings my webserver to it's knees for about 30 mins.

I can only think its todo with the mailserver responses. Its a feature I dont use myself, but I have seen many commits going in to refine the responses it expects from various mailservers.

Maybe you could compare the code for the mailin between the two and see if you can spot a response difference

If you know your mailserver software then we might be able to help a little more,


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