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Structure Add Page (Fixed)

When navigating through the wiki pages as an Admin I have, aligned to the right next to the structure breadcrumbs, a form to add pages tot the structure (see attached screenshot)
When logged in as a standard user I only see the structure breadcrumbs, but the the form to add a page isn't there.
When logged in as a 'key user' with some more rights, I only see a structure icon right next to the structure breadcrumbs.

How can I fix that everyone will see this form to add pages? I have tried to set different permissions, but can't find the right one.

I use Tiki 18.1

Czech Republic
Try "Can create and edit structures (tiki_p_edit_structures)" permission.
Nope, unfortunately that doesn't make a difference.
Czech Republic
Then probably you need to give them "tiki_p_admin_structures" which is odd... :-( Might be a bug/glitch in the code perms check...
Nope, that also doesn't give users the add-pages form...
Czech Republic

According to the code grepped below it should work, unless you have special permissions set directly on the structure:

$ grep -InER --color --exclude-dir=.svn --exclude-dir=temp "struct_editable" .
./templates/tiki-wiki_structure_bar.tpl:44:             {if $struct_editable eq 'a'}
./templates/tiki-wiki_structure_bar.tpl:69:                     {if $struct_editable eq 'y'}
./lib/wiki/renderlib.php:148:                   $this->smartyassign('struct_editable', 'a'); # a stands for both perms: tiki_p_edit and tiki_p_edit_structures
./lib/wiki/renderlib.php:150:                   $this->smartyassign('struct_editable', 'y'); # y stands for only tiki_p_edit_structures perm (but not tiki_p_edit)
./lib/wiki/renderlib.php:152:                   $this->smartyassign('struct_editable', 'n');

Czech Republic
Also try to clear Tiki cache after changing the perms (just in case)...


I think I reported an issue a few weeks ago about this and I had a demo ready.

I tested on a fresh 18.x I gave anonymous permissions to admin wiki and to admin structures.
I can use the Add Page button (child or not) as anonymous.

Something to do with your permissions OR a wrong logic in the permissions code ?

Czech Republic
It works for me. Make sure your user has tiki_p_edit on the page too.

Thank you Luciash d' being and Bernard, because of your suggestions I fixed the problem!

Let me explain:
My homepage is also the first page of the main structure. Because I wanted to allow anonymous users to see the homepage without having rights on the rest of the wiki. I created a separate category for this home page, and didn't realize that these permission also affect the whole structure.
I have corrected the permissions on this category and all users have the structure bar back!

Thanks again for your great support!

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