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Re: Regressions Piling Up

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Hello John,

I understand your frustration (felt alike).
I appreciate your honesty it helped me to re-think and understand why I’m here. :-)

One thing I really need to say is that you don’t (shouldn’t) use Tiki to suffer but because Tiki is better. :-)
Tiki is good webapp (I don’t use the Wiki side that much), doing many things that other don’t.
I’m not stubborn and want to use Tiki, I use it because, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or others don’t do what Tiki does.

If a downside to having so many features and options packed "safely" in one box is that they will be waves when upgrading from a version to a version then I’m ok with it. Of course I don’t like it and would have love a 100% bullet proof software like...
Ahem, who does a 100% working stuff ? Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google ? Sorry for going to the funny side with this very short list. ;)

Unlike those big guys, it may took us more time ( or may be not) and we won't offer a protection or care plan ($$$) or have a nice diverting (and upsetting) ways to keep you from reaching someone for help.
Here you got Bernard and Gary and in another thread Luci and Rick or Torsten.. and in another other guys. (all random instant and sorry I didn’t mentioned many others). But hey, you can complain !
And most of the time, someone will answer.

Smileys and jokes appart, in my opinion;
For every software greatness there is many bugs waiting to be discovered.
It hurts when a bug is affecting your Tiki (other Tiki may run properly as they are not configured as your).

With so many options and possible configurations it is insane to think it is possible to catch them all in one run.
That’s why it is important to participate and run the last version (in real life case) to test and report properly issues when the release cycle is initiate so we can get more problems fixed.

Users (really not talking to you, but in general) that don’t run THEIR OWN real life test and expect to upgrade comfortably as soon as the x.1 version is released can be only disappointed. Sadly they may be also the first to say that this Tiki version is crippled with bugs (as it happened the early weeks of 12.x and 15.x).
It is true that on the other side, you may test and report properly and don’t see a solution coming fast. Fixes are made by devs using their "free time" for the community on higher priorities or, they are paid by other users hiring them to fixe specific things.

Things may take time to be fixed in the software industries as I demonstrate.
Tiki is no different than any other player big or little on this (and almost different in all the rest).

As in or for any project, things may and should be improved !
As I posted previously, things are moving, be part of it. :-)