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Re: Re: Re: Re : How can do change default locale? (UTC time)

United Kingdom

> hengis:
> >

> > to read:
> > return smarty_modifier_tiki_date_format($string, $tikilib->get_long_datetime_format(), null, tra("%A %d of %B, %Y %H:%M:%S"));
> >

> >
> Oi thats cheating razz

Works for me smile

> All your doing is removing the time stamp - which I had done via Admin | General (I think)
> I am in the UK and BST means the time is out by an hour how do I set the default TZ to GMT.

Me too! Get yourself down on the TikiFestUK

> Strangely If a user logs in it corrects itself to but the %Z does not resolve to anything confused
> I Think I should do something with Setlocale in my PHP.ini - Is that a good idea?

Possibily, Id need to read up a little too wink


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