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Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Problem with PostgreSQL

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> eru:
> Well, it helped indeed.
> But I think this is incorrect behaviour anyway.
> What I have is I have all privileges for this wikipage set, so why should I set global privileges for all the pages?
> What if I want to allow group of users to view and edit only some specific page(s)?

Yes, I too agree with you, but somewhere in the code is a little buglet. Ive seen it before where people are pulling out there hair, unfortunately Ive never experienced it myself, otherwise Id have a good testbed for killing it.

> Anyway, I had these permissions for 'Registered' users:
> tiki_p_admin_wiki, tiki_p_edit, tiki_p_lock, tiki_p_view.
> A 'Registered' user couldn't enter 'Edit' for the page, but could enter and successfully manage permissions for this page!
> Adding tiki_p_view globally for group 'Registered' helped (note: not tiki_p_edit).
> Or, perhaps, 'edit' page itself is protected by tiki_p_view which cannot be assigned individually to it? But if so, why 'perms' page isn't protected the same way?
> Something's fishy, anyway smile
> Thanks for help, Damian - are you the only person here? I posted two messages and only you answer wink

Yeah, they are my second home, first is on irc in #tikiwiki wink


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