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Import pages from tiki to tiki (same version)

Hello again,

I want to try to create everything I have in another installation. I have managed to import users, categories, etc.

What I do not get is to import the pages of my old tiki to the new one (that is not copying the content, nor copying the records of the database)

Is there any way?

Thank you very much, best regards

To export the pages you can do from List of pages> select the pages you want, and in the box below you select "export"

For import these exported pages, should navigate to: tiki-import_xml_zip.php

To import these pages, I have two questions:
  - The first is that in the list of pages do not appear, it seems that they are only accessible by accessing by link
- The second is that it does not export the images, is there any way to export the database, export the images as well?

a greeting


The first problem (do not appear) now it's solved..

I had selected all options in "Category jail" menu, and that was the problem.

In my second problem, I can't import images from one tiki instance to another tiki instance.. Can someone tell me how can I fix, or some alternative to migrate images without use SQL statements?

Many thanks


... This is really a specific use case and there is so many questions (where are stored you images ? and more)

To tell the truth unless you have a very complicate Tiki, I would have duplicate the db and then remove what I would want instead of doing the contrary.

May be you can show us next Thursday ?

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