Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Thanks, but I surrender

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> seedy:
> In a spare moment I have downloaded 1.8.2, have unpacked it on my server, figuring I can't lose much by trying. Somehow it says tikilight_1.8.2 when unpacked, dunno if I got the right file or not.

Looks like you have downloaded the Lite version from our SourceForge pages. The Lite is the same as the main, but without avatars, as many styles and as many languages.

> The db directory has no 1.7to1.7.4.sql script, just a 1.7to 1.8.

Get the full tiki

> And then there's the How do I run the script? question....

Through tiki-install.php

> Can I assume that I'm to run the scripts from a ssh session, or...not?

tiki-install is the easier option, but you could if you can access the mysql -f command.

> Is there any documentation on this somewhere? I have found nothing that simply tells me how to run the scripts.


> I posted about my redirection issues in a previous post, found here
> http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=6669&topics_threshold=0&topics_offset=1&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&topics_find=&forumId=6
> Thanks for any assistance.

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