Features / Usability

Features / Usability

Re: Lost Tiki database connection

Right, time to go through all of the things.

  • Is the database up and running?
    No, keeps crashing. Don't know why.
  • Is the database accessible?
    Yes - I think so anyway.
  • Check your ../db/local.php file....
    • Is it readable by Tiki?
      Yes - the $dbfail_url is forwarding correctly
    • Is it corrupt?
    • Is the database information correct?
  • Can you re-run the installer (tiki-install.php) and reset your database information? (Do NOT replace the database, though!)
    Restarted MySQL server, re-ran installer. Geek.Zone is currently up but we'll have to see for how long.
  • Did you review your server error logs to see what caused the problem?
    See above

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