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Re: Official Docker Image

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Hi Fabio!

As a bit of a docker newbie, I have a few questions!

I see that T19 is included, but github says that "installing database using command line is needed". Where are the instructions for this?

Where are the instructions to set up the reverse proxy for load balancing?

Would the load balancing proxy require that users are sent to different subdomains, like www1.example.com or www2.example.com depending on load? This would not be ideal for us as our SSL cert only covers Geek.Zone, not any subdomains.

Is a separate database docker image required?

The github instructions say "First it is needed to copy the YML above in a folder with a descriptive name, like example.com." Where should that folder be located?

Basically, a "Tiki For Docker for Dummies Smarties" guide would be really very helpful!