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Re: Re: Re: Flash content

United Kingdom

> smudley:
> Boy do I have a strange Tiki
> I'm running 1.8.2, I looked at your sites below to give me hope and so I added my flash (full html and the works) to tiki-top_bar.tpl (outside) the tiki environment and everything was working. I wanted to change my size on the flash an forgot to edit it outside the tiki envronment and everything was stripped rendering it useless. questionquestion
> Now I'll be dipped if I can't get it to work again!
> Please give some insight to this fool on what I need to do to get my flash to work.
> Your PluginFlash is only for Wiki pages and 1.8.3 correct?
> If I'm barking up the wrong tree, please set me straight!
> Desparate with a capital D
> Smudley mrgreen

1.8.2 strips the flash objects and embed. You'll have to edit the files manualy through a FTP or text editor.

The PluginFlash will only show in a wiki enabled area, and not in a template. Maybe I can russel up a smarty function to do the same job.


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