Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Get "No page indicated" message when saving page

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> mtmaxwel:
> Ak. I was able to set the memory_limit to 16M in my tiki-setup.php file, and it shows up on the phpinfo part so I'm pretty sure it stuck. But still no luck editing pages, or doing most anything really.
> I didn't think it would be a big deal before, but maybe it is. The ISP does something to any .* files I send so that they are no longer visible to me over FTP. I'm guessing it is changing permissions from me. Would this cause some problems?

MM, thats strange. Do you have any other kind of access to the server like SSH?

in FTP try and do a ls -al or a dir command and check the files owner, group and permissions.

ive not heard of any ISP in the past Ive just doing that, but you can certainly setup FTP servers to do it!


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