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Re: How can I use html in the body of a wiki plugin in a Smarty template ?

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Thanks Jonny,

I tried a few variations before posting.

"wiki plugins (like DIVs in this case)" I used the {DIV()} way in several case. While not happy with it, it work. In this case I have quit a few lines like and fear to hit the DIV wall :-)

I tried the {HTML()} way but I had to escape {/literal}{literal} (as my sample show above) if this is what you mean (?).

I enabled "Allow HTML " but it still display the html code.

I played with security (HTML purifier and Output should be HTML purified) but it still display the html code.

Ideally being in a smarty template, I think that the body of a wikiplugin should follow or at least it should be an option. Of course it may be not as easy as writing it. ;-)