Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: 1.7.6 update to 1.8.2--Impossible?

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On an existing installation and without root access you wont be able to re-run setup.sh

Basically in templates_c and the other cache folders will be files owned by apache. now because your group is your username and not "apache" you cant do anything with them.

If your copying the 1.8 files over the 1.7 you shouldnt need to run it. However, my preferred method of upgrade is as follows. Based on my Fedora Core server.

This serves that your current tiki site lives in a public_html, some hosts call it web others www.

  1. Backup filespace and database
  2. move contents of public_html to public_html_old
  3. Extract tiki 1.8 to emptied public_html folder
  4. run setup.sh for permissions or manually chmod
  5. Run tiki-install.php and setup database connection
  6. Run the 3 upgrade scripts in the correct order as given at the bottom of tiki-install.php screen
  7. browse to site and make sure things look ok (theme might not appear)

Now its time to copy over "user data" again your folders and names might be different

cp public_html_old/styles/mytheme.css public_html/styles/.
cp -R public_html_old/styles/mytheme public_html/styles/.
mkdir public_html/templates/styles/mytheme
cp -R public_html_old/templates/styles/mytheme/* public_html/templates/styles/mytheme/.
mkdir public_html/storage
mkdir public_html/storage/igallery
mkdir public_html/storage/fgallery
cp -R public_html_old/storage/igallery/* public_html/storage/igallery/.
cp -R public_html_old/storage/fgallery/* public_html/storage/fgallery/.

storage/igallery and fgallery are my image and file gallery disc storage folders. make sure they end up in the same location smile

Thats about it.


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