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[Closed] Is Dynamic Items List broken?

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Hi everyone,

I have been reading


I am trying to set up an inventory database using trackers and would like to allow members to build a list of manufacturers and models so that items can be associated with them. I have been unable to set up a chain that uses;

Tracker: Manufacturer
Name (Text)
Website (URL)

Tracker: Model
Manufacturer.Name (item link)
Name (Text)

Tracker: Item
Serial (Text)
Model.Manufacturer.Name (item link)
Model.Name (Dynamic list)

This should work, right? I can't seem to make the dynamic list populate.

I also noticed


Is this still broken?



posts: 125
This one is probably my bad. You need to link the key of the dynamic list to the primary list, the Manufacturer in my example. Looks like it works.