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Re: Re : Issue Tracker for Tiki?

United Kingdom

> Chealer9:
> Tracker templates would ask important more work to translators, if even that works. By example I think the hardcoded article types already led to a few hacks to hide what's in DB.
> Do 1.9 trackers have a way to import/export tracker templates? If yes then it would be ideal to make English or anything else templates available depending on the translators's motivation.
> Interesting topic.

Guess we need a new section on the new layout in mods.tikiwiki.org for Tracker templates. biggrin

Mods and plugins will always have language issues. There is no easy way over that, unless you have a seperate lang.php file for each plugin that also gets loaded. Then again, who's going to maintain all the plugins language files?

Beter to leave them as english or the contributors choice.


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