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Features / Usability

A very awesome Tiki 21!!

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Mike Finko wrote:

A little late, but, I only upgraded recently:

Huge thanks to ALL the developers and contributors for the latest and GREATEST Tiki ever LTS, Tiki 21! smile

Tiki 18 was a significant improvement over Tiki 15 (which, honestly, was a bit rough due to the major change to Bootstrap), but, I still could never get a number of things working. So when I finally updated to Tiki 21:

  • Composer finally started working good all the time
    • in Tiki 18 this feature would barely open from the Control Panel
    • than errors while installing, and after it would than break almost immediately
    • this feature is no longer 'nice to have' but a critical part of Tiki adding important features like printing, Diagrams, 2FA, etc.
  • Server Fitness Check now works - in 18 it would just load and load, than end in a white screen error, than I had to clear the browser cache, re-load Tiki
  • Show Page Title - this small, but important feature to allow turning Titles per page on/off started working in Tiki 21
  • Speed improvements - not sure why but definite improvements!
  • and, a few more small improvements, I just didn't write them down.

Additionally, in the few months I have been using Tiki 21, I haven't found ANY new problems or regressions (maybe I'm just not pushing hard enough?). In any case, I'm extremely excited that I upgraded to Tiki 21, and, it's even unlocked a few important front-end development options like Plugin Layout and Plugin Swiper, not to mention the addition of Progressive Web App (which I still need to test out).

Well, thanks again to everyone who helped make Tiki 21 a top notch LTS!


Totally agree about Tiki21 ! ??
Thanks to people commits, investments, test and reports.?