Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Two problems: top_bar.tpl and image thumbnails

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> RussWilde:
> I had a similar issue with the top bar on my site, but the solution is to be found in the CSS,
> You need to set the height parameter of the DIV#tiki-top
> Also you should edit the DIV#leftcolumn and DIV#rightcolumn to have the "top" parameter to be the height of your top bar.. For example, my top bar is 24 pixels high, so I set the leftcolumn and rightcolumn top to be 24 or 25, as I have a 1 pixel border on the bottom.
> (I'm a bad person for putting stuff in my header.tpl otherwise it soulw be 124 pixels.)

the top is only needed if your using akwa based themes, that use CSS for left and right column positioning wink


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