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Re: Re: Re: Placing files in user's directory

United Kingdom

> glenster:
> Damian,
> Thanks for the reply! What I need is a way for an admin to make a particular file available to a particular user (or more accurately, particular files to particular users) on a daily basis. My hope was to avoid logging the files into the database - I had hoped there might be a way of FTPing the files to the appropriate directories and each individual would see the files meant for him alone.
> I realize I'm doing a very lousy job describing what I want, so if I can try to clear it up for you, please let me know! rolleyes
> Glen

Well currently in Tiki there is no FTP import features anywhere. So this isnt going to be possible (yet). 1.9 should include (given my time permitting) a FTP import feature for the image galleries, and also file galleries, but the feature will rename the file to its md5 hash, to continue the secure aspects of Tiki.

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