Galaxia Workflow Engine

Galaxia Workflow Engine

Re: Re: Re: Galaxia routing issue

United Kingdom

> erik.green:
> > Damian:
> > >First off, we're working on deploying Tikiwiki as our enterprise wiki
> > >solution. I know it's a bit rough around the edges for this sort of
> > >thing, so we're working through some issues, but I thought you
> > >might want to know. We're fortune 500, with an annual revenue
> > >of about $5 billion US, so Tiki is definitely getting some use in
> > >larger companies.
> >
> > Cool, whoever that is. rolleyes
> Heh - I deliberately didn't say, because I haven't permission to do so yet. Believe me, I'd like to.

Oh I get it, well tell Mr Gates to go write his own lol


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