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Features / Usability

Re: Re: Re: Tiki Functionality in Open Source environments

United Kingdom

> Now, how to fix it, I don't know. Maybe some themes, really cool, will be restricted to, e.g. mozilla. And that maybe fine. If there's a warning or guidelines with the themes it would definitely improve the usability. What would not be acceptable is that features break a (theme)(browser) combination. So, the release testing of TikiWiki should
> *(a) indicate which browser(s) a theme has been tested (certified?) with
> *(b) ensure that a theme x browser combination works on all features

Good idea except many Tiki developers dont have access to Windows machines to fix those themes.
Forget IE, install Mozilla and help prevent the adware crap in the world!

Such a table is good, if you have the resources to keep it maintained and also update all the themes to behave correctly in all browser combo's

There was work started on mods.tikiwiki.org to organise the themes and show which browsers are supported by it. But resources are lacking in the documentation area. Much more fun to code and make new Mozilla ones biggrin

TikiWiki anti M$ IE team wink

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