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Re: Re: fantastico (not so fantastico)

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> Damian:
> I believe it would be better to send this to the not-so-fantastico people themselves. Dont you have to pay for fantastico? Surely they must offer support. I know its not a TikiWiki problem as there are many many installations running without problem.

I understand your point of view, however; there are literally thousands of people who use cPanel every day... that means untold numbers of people are going to use Fantastico to auto-install Titiwiki... some will filter to this site for support... the rest will just give up think the application is flawed (and may tell others not use it). This may not be your problem--but it is certainly creating a problem for you.

To answer your question, Fantastico is free. As I understand it, they offer no support. Many hosting company use cPanel and may pay extra to have Fantastico loaded so they can then offer it free to the end user... that's a lot of people!

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.