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Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Re: Re: Search is very bizarre - please answer

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> Guess that sums up the famous open source attitude pretty well. One would think making a viable product would be the main goal. Otherwise, what's the point of so much work? So you can say "Look Ma, I have a website and it runs a CMS that I work on"?

Tiki is massive, we all use different features of it. If you use search you fix it, if you dont, you cant.

The search is in need of a rewrite as there are many security concerns with it revealing your content to anonymous. Time is precious at the moment for me and during May by Tiki Community work has been small. If I was paid to work Tiki 100% then I guess there would be no bugs!

So stop complaining, get yourself into Tikis code, and help fix biggrin


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