Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Testing vs Stable

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It seams i asked the question but...

I've been to Freshmeat to download the last version of Tikiwiki.

I saw 1.8.2 TESTING and 1.7.7 STABLE.

As i don't intend to test anything right now but to work right away with Tiki. Should i run for 1.8.2 (wait for 1.8.3) or keep going for no risk 1.7.7 ?

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Im using mainly 1.8.3 sites from BRANCH-1-8 cvs code.

I have some clients running 1.7.7 tho, particularly those ones that I cant have access to 24 hours a day.


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Correct me if i'm wrong,

CVS is good if you manage your own server not if you are on a shared server.