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Just sorted this on IRC chat #tikiwiki
Here's the transcript - hope this helps

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stella12 Does anyone know if there is a problem with group homepages? tw v1.8.2

stella12 I cannot get group homepage to work. :-(
I add the home page "http://www.etc.net.nz/tiki-index.php?page=Sonya+Page" to the sonya group
I set "Use group homepages" to yes and...
I also have "Use URI as Home Page" set to yes with URI = "http://www.etc.net.nz/tiki-index.php?page=Welcome"
The user is a member of the sonya group and annoymous
Annoymous group also has a homepage ...which doesn't work either?
Any ideas pointers please:)

damian wowowowowow
damian what a lot :-) let me get my reading specs ;)
teedog me too, since that's my feature :-)
damian under admin->groups have you set the default group
stella12 sorry I cannot see how to set default group
teedog me neither lol
damian maybe thats in 1.9 then
teedog i'm looking in 1.9 and there's no default group. what do you mean by a default group?

damian ah sorry under Admin->users
damian click the key
damian the bottom row says Default Group with a dropy down box
teedog hmm is this missing from 1.9?
stella12 got it...yes the default group is set
damian did you click the set button, even though it shows a group in there if you haven’t clicked set its a null value
teedog nevermind me. i found default group
stella12 yes I have tried that but still no joy :-(
damian mmm, ok try just Sonya+Page as the group value
damian I dont think full url works
stella12 ok
stella12 ok - The group home page works if the user clicks on Home in app menu
stella12 However they remain on the "URI as Home Page" after they login
teedog that sounds like a familiar bug
stella12 Ok it appear that the group homepage has a bug/issue
The group home page works if the user clicks on Home in app menu
However they remain on the "URI as Home Page page" after they login

damian if URI as homepage is disabled what happens, I know people with the group homes working

stella12 if URI as homepage is disabled what happens - just goes to wiki or custom or article depending on what is selected

stella12 Oh yeah and when they login the group homepage comes up :-) :-)
damian yep. so set the admin->General to WIKI homepage and on admin->Wiki set the anonymous wiki page

damian in the Wiki Home Page box
damian and you have it all :-)
stella12 Yaaay - we should doc these things aye :-)
damian http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=6044&forumId=4&highlight=group%20homepages
damian :-)

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I'm trying to reproduce what you talked here (I needed for students from many different courses in the same tiki installation - 1.8.4), but I couldn't do it without assigning in a per-user basis the default group in "Admin>Users>SpecificUser>Assign group".

This is awful for preregistering tenths of users (students) from your own class... Is there any way to specify the default group when you load the users .csv file in "Admin>Users>Batch upload (CSV file)"?

Xavier ( UserPagexavidp )

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"admin->Wiki set the anonymous wiki page"

Whatever I have this "Wiki Home Page" value set to is what everyone who logs in gets - regardless of what their group or personal Home Page settings are. I verified I have followed the instructions as listed above.

Again, the only setting that seems to affect which Home Page anyone gets is the "Wiki Home Page" option in Admin-> Wiki

I'm running 1.8.4



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redface So I found the "use group homepages" check box under Admin->General, so when a user clicks on the "home" link they go to their group's Home Page. They still are not getting it when they log in?

Any ideas?



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I got this exact same problem after upgrading to 1.9.1. Thought it would go away with .2 but it didn't. Regardless if I set WIKI, ARTICLES or FORUM as the default home page in the admin->general options - all I ever get as homepage is the WIKI page.

Obviously, I want to show the view_articles page by default but it seems to be stuck in showing whatever wiki page is defined in admin->wiki instead.

As a crude workaround, is there a way in a wiki page to insert a page rediret to the articles home instead?

I've tried with all kinds of group home page options ticked and unticked too. I suspect one of the site admins put a wiki page as group home page in anonymous - and since then it's been like this even though the group home pages have been disabled and removed from the group.

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Nope, problem is not resolved - I have no clue so far and had to make a splash wiki page with a link to the articles - very crude :/
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For me my.domain.com is working whatever I put articles or .. in admin->general
But effectively, the menu is wrong. The option Home is tiki-index.php, you have to replacce this in admin -> menu -> application menu -> first option. (You can replace this with .) Don't forget ti clear the caches (admin->system) id nothing changes

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Each group could have one home page, the problem is the user can be in more of one group. You can specify the default group (and the default home page by extension) in the Admin User screens pressing the key icon and you will go to another screen:the Assign User xxx to Groups. Make a selection of the the default group.

In the Admin menu and in the General icon:
- Select The option "Use Group Homepages"
- Do not select the second option (URI as Home Page)
- Select the third option the Custom Page (tiki-custom_home.php), i done some modification on the template tiki-custom_home.tpl for customize it

In the Admin menu in the item Groups find the icon Edit and in the Group Homepage put the name of the desired wiki, I can't understand why but is neccessary to put in the format Welcome+Guest (replacing the spaces of the name of the wiky by a character +). Sometime I receive the error of access to the page, one stupid solution (but it's working) is add at the end of the desired wiki: &Refresh=1. Then for the wiki "Welcome Guest" i'm using Welcome+Guest&Refresh=1

(sorry for my english)
Best Regards,