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Features / Usability

Still no simple users address book ?

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I may be missed it but i don't see a kind of address book into tiki wiki.

In fact as i'm continuing to adapt tikiwiki for Helpdesk, i'm looking for a way to add to the users data others fields (address, phone, email, contract number, etc...)

Is there something allready there ?

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You can set this up with the current Trackers system and in 1.9 those tracker records could be linked to make a user profile


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Damian, ground is sweeping under my feet... I'll try to figure it out how to mixt several trackers with different permission.

If you have an exemple, i appreciate !

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Oups sorry i find it all !

"individual object permission" !!

Thanks Damien

PS : Is there a way to link a tracker to another (dynamic link ?)