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Get rid of... all what's around my pages !

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I have set Wiki home Page as front entrance before loggin.

But... There are several thing i don't want to be displayed.
I have uncheck everyting i can but there are still 3 things i can't.

At the top of the page some icons "print", "cached", "refresh".

At the end of the page a tile named "export"

At the bottom of the page "created by..."

How do i set them on of off (well OFF :-)) ?


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admin >> wiki
you can turn off exporting, printing, cache
(the refresh button refers to cache as well)

I think you'd have to edit some templatey stuff to disable the "created by ..." stuff, I think the WIki prefers that stuff to be there, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong about this.

Otherwise enjoy :-)


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In fact i'm looking for a doc that will explain what template goes where. :-)

What template are for wiki pages (this thread) as an exemple.


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A general rule-of-thumb with template naming conventions is that the template has the same name as the php file which calls it. All tepmplates live in the /templates/ folder or subfolders in there.

So, for this thread, the template file would be; /templates/tiki-view_forum_thread.tpl

hope that helps.

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Hi Russ,

Remember i used Wiki Home Page and edit it.

I found the /templates/ directory.

There only a tiki-index_p.tpl and no sign of what i want to get rid of...

Someone know where they are hidding ???