Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Re: Installation problem

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The mysql connection details must have a password setup, you cannot use the default root/no password

> alexchi:
> I did set the database permissions.
> When I get to the install screen (http://localhost/tiki/tiki-install.php) I cannot login with admin/admin or any other login information. Am I correct to assume that admin/admin is the right login/password to login with at the install page?
> Thank you.
> > aridhol:
> > You say you used root/nopass to configure tiki and then changed to tikiuser. Have you set the databasepermissions for tikiuser?
> >
> > mysql -u root mysql
> > on tiki.* to tikiuser@localhost identified by 'tikipassword';
> >
> >
> > Have you gone through the whole install?
> > # Point your browser to the Web address that corresponds to the file tiki-install.php in the Tiki document root you created above.
> >
> > * E.g. http://localhost/tiki/tiki-install.php
> > * If you have problems you should check InstallTikiUnderSafeMode

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