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Features / Usability

Admin Menu (Helpdesk) permission

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I'm continuing setting my helpdesk project throught Trackers feature.

So, after login (i use Create a group for each user and set a tracker for each user and assign permissions individualy) the user get access to is OWN trackers only.

Instead of the application menu that shown too much things i have decide to build my own "Client Menu" with direct link and reducted item.

Under Admin menu, i have created it with an item named "Helpdesk".

This item is supposed to go directly to the tracker of actual logged user without seing the other trackers/helpdesk.

I have understood that to acheive it i have to figure what i should be input on fileds : "section/permissions/group".

I have tried several things... but in vain.

I can't find explanation doc so any hepl is welcomed.


posts: 8311 Israel
Precision... the "Helpdesk" item is displayed but when i click on it it says : "No tracker indicated".