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Re: imagemagick - do I need to specify the path to it?

United Kingdom

TikiWiki doesnt use that kind of ImageMagick. Instead it uses the php module which needs to be enabled in the php.ini file. php-imagick or something is the name. I know there is a Fedora Core 2 yum you can do to get it, so I guess others follow as well.


Hi Damian,

I am also having trouble with getting Imagick work. I put imagick.dll in the ext dir of php and also enabled php_imagick.dll in the php.ini. Now my phpinfo says Imagick enabled. I have also installed imagemagick in the c:\. But still when I try to enable Imagick in the tikiwiki.. it reverts back to GD. But both say not detected in the image gallery config page. Can you help me with this ??

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