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Features / Usability

Modifying menus

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I try to modify the Application menu.

On the preview everything is good... but that doesn't change the "real" menu.

I have emptied caches and even take same setting (permission, sections, etc) as another existing item.


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Has the menu been assigned to a module, or are you using the module application menu?
By the sounds of it you are editing the application menu in admin->menus but have assigned the application menu module.
What you need to do is create new user module with the menu you have edited and then assign the new module.

posts: 8320 Israel

Problem come from the original Chat of tiki.

It has stranged behavior. Sometimes i see what i wrote and don't see the others input, sometimes i see blank...

I have set a very very simple but any-config working html chat.

I wanted first to simply replace the actual chat link (tiki-chat.php) with my own link.

That's why i have edited the application menu.

No matter what i'm trying...

In fact as i see the whole picture, i'd prefer to integrate my personnal chat into a tiki standard page...

what you say ?


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Id recommend using something other than the Tiki chat. Maybe the Jabber plugin with a jabber server running a conference room extension.

Or even a IRC Java client.


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Thanks sdl - I had the same problem and your solution works like a charm. One problem remains though: The edited menu is displayed correctly but whenever I navigate to another page all sub-menus are being collapsed automatically. Example: I open the "Wiki" sub-menu and all wiki-related links show up below. When I click on one of them the requested page is being displayed but the "Wiki" sub-menu folds automatically. Does anyone have a clue how to prevent that?


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have you edited any of the tpl or the javascript?
I had the same problem once I will look into what actually went wrong and get back to you.

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No, I didn't change anything. I now have included both the "application_menu" standard module and my own menu module (which has the Application menu as its only object). Both modules have the same settings in the module admin panel. My menu module always folds, the standard module doesn't.


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Hello Hagix,

I am having the same problem.

Please let me know if you find any solution to this.