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Architecture / Installation

geo.css bugged with wiki-page

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I have made a variation using geo.css.

As long as the page shown trackers or forum it is ok.

When it as to diplay a wiki page including another table or td; title, box and even a customized box (align right) all those are mixted (1 cm at least) with the right column.

Text is ok but no boxes as i describe above.

I have played with width and margin on the css on TD#centercolumn and
DIV#tiki-center but i can't do nothing about this problem...


posts: 8320 Israel

I have found that the amrgin wern't set well.

padding-right: n;
Instead of
padding-right: npx;

I have changed that but it seams that the left position is not equal to the right. I also found that 20px for Mozilla are shorter that 20px for IExplorer.

Meanwhile i have set
padding-left: 5px;
padding-right: 20px;

Enought for Mozilla a little bigger for IExplorer.

I also corrected ".editdate"
The bottom has set to -18px wich was fine for a user with one or two possibility (edit, remove, export,etc) but as editors or admin the row of buttons was onto the "created by...."