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Features / Usability

Including poll and gallerie into a wiki page

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In my project, my home page should be built using all what's news on the entire site.

Articles are shown (thanks to plugins articles :-))

But i also wanted to add polls and random picture into it.

I can't find a way.

I have tried to set them as modules but it seams that the plugin 'module' is working only with the modules include from the installation not what has been made by the users (admin, editors, whatever).

Any directions ?

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Same problem here ...
article plugin works great, but i need random images in tikipages, and not the same size as in the random image module...

any ideas?

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Write a custom module to do the job. Simply calling the same code as the random image module, but giving you the options for dimensions.


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sounds easy but how should the parameter look?
{gallery id=3 showgalleryname=0 width="500"} in custom module?

text in the HomePage?

or maybe somthing else?confused

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this didnt work, tikiwiki parsed my example ...

{gallery id=3 showgalleryname=0 width="500"} in custom module?
MODULE(module=>aaa, width="500")}text{MODULE})"

...or something else?