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Re: Hiding forums for regular users

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Here is my modification right into /templates/tiki-forums.tpl

As forum don't allow html tag i can't put the complete code so a little work... :-)

From line 51 to set the yes/no condition

{if ($channels[user].individual eq 'n') or ($tiki_p_admin eq 'y') or ($channels[user].individual_tiki_p_forum_read eq 'y')}

Then from line 54 to show the unthorized message.

"html tag" - img src="img/notforyoureyes.gif" alt="{tr}no acces{/tr}" align="absmiddle" - "html tag" {tr}You don't have proper right to view this discussion.{/tr}{/if}

Then from line 59 for to hide the descritpion if needed

{if ($forum_list_desc eq 'y') and (($channels[user].individual_tiki_p_forum_read eq 'y') or ($channels[user].individual eq 'n'))}


From line 73 to hide the last post

{if ($forum_list_lastpost eq 'y') and (($channels[user].individual_tiki_p_forum_read eq 'y') or ($channels[user].individual eq 'n'))}

That way, instead of showing the discussion to a none authorized user it show a .gif and some text. It also prevent to show description and last post.

Apply the same rules to the modules (last forums posts) look far more tricky...confused

Hope this help...