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Architecture / Installation

Forum (lack of) features

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I asked about forum email notification including a link to jump right to the discussion notified.

I didn't get answers concluding that the actual tiki forum is not able of such "natural feature" in a forum.

Another point is that the forum is more working as comment engine than a real forum engine. (you can reply in a discussion or reply at a "comment" message dealing with sub-sub-sub toppics level).

I didn't find also a simple way to add an usual "rules accepted" and "registred message" prior to registration. (i have found that the "registration.tpl" seams to include a {msg} but i can't find nowhere to edit it or switchin-it ON). Of course, it can be edited by hand...

Well, all this to say that i'm now looking for another forum to include into my Tikisite. (kind of BB or Invision). I know that there is "GPL and Freeware" issues but i think this should be resolved fast to help Tikiwiki to became a very strong boy ! :-)

PS : As we also know, Tiokiwiki is full of hidden features but for the forum, i won't able to find sontehing about it.

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After several day haunting this forum and site i'm hearing about TikiPro !

I guess it can be better advertised and announced !!! lol

I'll look around there and check it out thanks Damian.


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Looking at Tiki Pro raised others questions (and may be solution).

May be the best for me is to substitute the original TikiWiki Forum bye another one editing some templates... ?

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Whoa! What's tikipro? Stuck my nose in over there and discovered a whole new tiki.

I'm just trying to get my forum, sandbox, etc., to working ... more on that elsewhere.