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United Kingdom

I've been trying to customize a couple community sites of mine and I need to see if there is an existing feature set in TIkiWiki or add-on module that will meet some needs. I've got it set so that users can register. How do I direct users to complete a more extensive profile, such as a bio statement, location, web sites, etc. etc.

Look into Trackers. Trackers allow you collect any kind of information from any inputted source. They arent the easiest to setup, but in TikiWiki 1.9 we have certain fields which actually allow you to create a tracker to collect extra user info.
We could probably do with a guide to make it easier for people!

I'm wanting to use this for an alumni community. It would help to figure out how to have users enter their class, aka year of graduation and then allow others to search for that information or field.
Does that feature already exist with the core installation of my tikiwiki?

Probably search based on Trackers

I know some valuable features are there such as sending messages between users. Is there a way also to have a profile setup for each user, where they enter location, interests, and other data?



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