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Import touchscreen signature from raspberry Pi to tracker

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Jonny Bradley wrote:

Hi Klaus

Sounds interesting, does the Pi touch screen application offer any sort of web services? If so Tiki can quite nicely use data from them and can include that in a tracker field as documented (slightly) here Webservice tracker field


Hi, Jonny,

thank you for the prompt reply. The idea is of course that the Raspberry displays a Tiki page in the browser (Firefox). That means the Tiki should provide exactly this function on the displayed page.

My idea for the procedure:

1. the customer comes to the reception and asks for a monthly ticket to borrow.

2. the employee creates a data record using a tracker
2. a Tracker 1 Selection of a free monthly ticket
2. b Tracker 2 Selection of an authorized patient.
Documentation of the time of borrowing.
Documentation of the employee who borrows.

3. the borrower clicks on "borrow ticket" in the kiosk system.
4. the kiosk system now displays the collected data from step 2
5. a drawing field is displayed for signing.
6. the borrower confirms with "OK".
7. the picture of the signature is sent to the tracker, or the tracker imports the picture of the signature

Whether the kiosk system runs under a Raspberry or not is irrelevant. Prerequisite is a browser and a touchscreen, e.g. also a smartphone...

I will implement a test page on my internet server and publish the links here. But it will take two weeks.

From Berlin


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