Features / Usability

Features / Usability

Collected problems when setting up a wiki (as a function among others) after the first few days.

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I'll answer the ones I can...

1. In wiki pages there is no link to return to the list.

The list of what? If you mean the list of wiki pages, you can simply add a link to tiki-listpages.php, or use the Wiki > List Pages option in the default menu.

2. I can only attach images (insert at the cursor).
- How do I insert audios, videos, etc.?

Use the appropriate plugin, such as PluginFlash or PluginYoutube. Please see the docs for details.

8. Preset content templates for use?

Enable content templates for wiki or articles, etc.

9. Content templates with form fields?

You'll probably want to use ]http://doc.tiki.org/Trackers|trackers] and pretty trackers for this

10. Tag entry on main editing page?

Use the Position of tags selection option on the Wiki control panel.

11. Display of the tags under the Wiki entry in the List Pages list.

Do you mean show specific tags of a wiki page when listing the pages? I know you can show categories, but I don't think freetags. For that, you can probably use the List plugin.

12. "HomePage" is a wiki page.
Are there no "Pages" like in Wordpress?
I just want the wiki as one function among several functions.
Static info pages, forum, blog, wiki ...

Yes, you can include blogs, forums, articles, etc. on your home page by using the
appropriate plugin

I renamed "HomePage" to a page that explains the purpose of the wiki.
If I click on the website's logo, the homepage still ends up on this page.
I can enter a different URL, but can't you set another page as the start page?

On the General control panel, Navigation tab, you can set your home page.

A general welcome page with static content would be better.
If "Wiki Pages" correspond to the Pages in Wordpress, a problem remains.
I want Wiki Pages for a specific purpose. And in between there should be no external pages that serve as normal pages with content, but should not be edited. And also blocking for editing is not the solution, the point is that these pages, which have nothing to do with the actual wiki pages, appear between the actual wiki pages.

You can put any content you want on your pages. You use use categroeies to group the pages and permissions to determine who can do what to specific page categories.

Problems that occurred while setting up the wiki, but not only related to the wiki:

13. Better editor with WYSIWYG? These buttons insert the codes here are an imposition.
If you don't use them in the correct order (bold, centered, headline ...), not everything will work.

If you're using wiki syntax, then yes the order matters. If you're using WYSIWYG then you can use whatever buttons you want.

14. How do I link to an internal page such as "tiki-listpages.php"
With the linking function for internal pages it does not work with "tiki-listpages" etc.
If I set an external link on the logo, no new tab opens when you click on it and leave the page.
But if I put an "external" link on an internal page, a new tab opens.

Use a regular external link, such as:

[tiki-listpages|Click here] to list all pages.

Click here to list all pages.

It does not open in a new window.


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