Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

First installation and configuration. | Creating menues etc..

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No explanations either. It's about what something is.
Explanations for absolutely unknowing people.
Some pages: "Placeholder - content coming soon."

"A profile with everything on? No. But the Configuration wizard walks you through all options, allowing you to turn on what you want."

OK, I activated all options. Took hours. I had to do it for several days. I had to save in between, because otherwise the timer expires.
Because I don't know which function fulfills which option.
So I don't know if I need them either.

"See http://doc.tiki.org/menu to create your own menu."

I had it translated by Google (many parts of the settings are not translated either).
The automatic translation is subordinate in some places.
I read it. I can't find any answers.
E.g. the look of the menu.
I don't want a title or a frame.
The default is a frame and a title within it.
Also on this website here is a slim horizontal menu. With find field at the left end. That is my wish.

"You can use the Module logo to set all options, including titles and subtitles."

I did this. I have a logo of 1024px wide and 175px high. It is shifted to the right.

"I think it depends on how wide you set your site to be."

1024px. The default was "1170". Supposedly 900 (mouseover), and below it as text "800". A lot of different information.
I chose 1024 because there are 1024px screens.
E.g. my Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 MK3.

"Feel free to check out my Tiki for Smarites site"

Oh, I meant video tutorials.
Without seeing it "live", not everyone can understand it.
Especially because it is written in a foreign language.
And prior knowledge is required.

I'm trying to set up forums.
There are no forum categories. Forums and sub-forums only.
I want an outline like this in this forum here.
Categories and forums in it.
The entire documentation area "Forum Management" does not exist.
And there is no way to change the order of the forums and sub-forums.
Someone mentioned the problem in the 2009 forum.
How can you use a forum that does not allow changing the order of the forums?

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